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I really like it, because of the concept :D
You see, I wanted to do something like this since like forever. Now you gave me an idea how it could actually look if I did


It's very hard to rate this anyhow. The journal was obviously a joke, but you're making fun out of it as in the dot dot dot review. One of us didn't get this, but both variants are pretty poor tbh.
Oh well, at least animation was fine.

AntonyC responds:

See the salute at the end?
That's for Summiko.

Thanks for commenting! ^^


I remember seeing this here a few years back :D Since that day, I kept thinking of it sometimes, still wondering why it never got a frontpage.
It even crossed my mind to comment on it some times, but I couldn't find it again

Ano now it's here :D

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I'll start in the same component the game starts with: the intro. A zoom into a low-res bitmap? Plain yellow text? No sound at all? Clearly, this game must have been made by a child or a person with no aesthetical feeling! It almost discouraged me from playing the game...
But I'm glad it didn't.
Yep, this was a very interesting experience. After few minutes, I realized that the lack of your artistic skills is irrelevant as it didn't stand in your way of expressing a point. This is something I really liked about this game. You've managed to make a fine example of using games as an expressive medium and I tip my hat to you for that. What I didn't like on the other hand, is how you forced this point into the player. I mean: taking bible quotes out of their context, thus giving them a different meaning? That's not cool man. This fairly resembles manipulation, and I don't like being manipulated.
Still, I really liked the narrating via gameplay and I give you 3 stars for it.

AAAAAAaaaah I've waited so long for ep. 2 to come out! And it certainly didn't dissapoint!
New graphics and locations are stylish! (although I miss the dungeon setting). New mechanics are witty and star rating sets the difficulty to be adequate for everyone!
I haven't finished the whole game yet and I already can't wait for ep. 3 to come out :D
Great job you guys did with this game, seriously you won all my stars!

There's just one issue I stumbled upon so far: You get the Golden Star when you finish a level with "these tools left". You should make it so it's with "at least these tools left"
For example, when I finished "Uh oh, no loot bags..." I had 3 one-way gates left and got only silver star. I had to play the level again and place the gate to a random pointless spot in order to get the Golden one.

jinxology responds:

You probably got a platinum star on that level if you had more tools leftover, rather than a silver. Glad you are enjoying it :D


Does it mean we're all *gasp* living in the system right now?? :O

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I really enjoyed listening to this tune, it's so calm, peaceful and it envokes a very happy feelings C:


This song is epic win, reminds me of neverhood


Dude, it's awesome, I am not a fan of this kind of music but this kick-ass!
Finish it finish it finish it, and drop me a note when it's done : D

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Looking forward to this

You have just 1 page finished and I already love this!
I also disagree with BansheeIndian, who got a good point but didn't get that making this as colorful as possible is the best thing to do (because of the subject)


This is best piece of art I've seen around here so far. Very original concept, awesome coloring, textures are flawless and the compostition works very well. Keep up the good work!

Barzona responds:

Who would've guessed that cushing up pencil lead and rubbing the dust on paper could produce such results.


Nicely done, reminds me of Bobby Chiu

e-m-b-r-i-o responds:

yeah! sweet.. its true, this is really inspired but his stuff.. I mean when I get the urge to draw something like this.. his paintings are definitely flying around my mind..


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